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Calculate the cost of your car loan and compare the prices with your dealer’s or leasing offer. At this point, we offer you the opportunity to calculate exemplary conditions for your individual car loan. Finance your dream car quickly and easily with the car loan from your bank. During the consultation in your branch, you will need proof of your identity and current income proof. Find out now about the benefits and interest rates of car loans.

Car loan – with favorable conditions to the desired car

Car loan - with favorable conditions to the desired car

You have the opportunity to conveniently order our car loan over the Internet or by phone. Do you want to save even more? With a car loan, you can pay the purchase amount in cash at the car dealer. When applying for a car loan, the current standards of the financial institutions are used. Furthermore, the company reserves the right to grant a car loan depends on the creditworthiness.

How much cash do you need to buy a car? How long do you want to pay off the car loan? This allows you to design the loan in a particularly variable and customized way. The application for a car loan can be applied for between 1,000 and 65,000 USD. The term of the loan can be chosen arbitrarily between 12 and 96 months, so that the amount of the monthly installments can be calculated variably and individually.

With our loan calculator, you can calculate the best combination of loan amount, duration and rate for you. You can use the calculator to determine the required amount and the desired loan term, and at the same time output the amount of the expected monthly installments of the loan. Try different equipment options – the car loan’s variable installment payment model allows you to maximize your monthly payments and adjust them to your available cash.

Our car loan is repaid in constant monthly installments. In addition, there is the possibility of a special repayment: With our car loan, there is the possibility to pause for payment. You can use these three times during the entire duration, each with a maximum of three tranches.

Car Loan Calculator & Car Comparison Germany 2018

Car Loan Calculator & Car Comparison Germany 2018

Calculate the prices for a cheap car loan here on the Internet and compare them to the vehicle financing of your dealership by rent or installment loans to calculate the optimal vehicle financing for your new or used vehicle. With our car loan calculator for the whole of Europe you can determine the best conditions for your car loan and negotiate a discount at your dealer or a private car sales!

Compare here the lending rates in the month of May 2018 for your vehicle financing with Austrian banks on the Internet, calculate the interest rate you have to pay with or without advance payment at different maturities and choose the cheapest provider. Car purchase without prepayment? In many banks, you can set the amount of the down payment variably and, in some cases, you can also cancel a car loan without advance payment.

Enter your request conveniently via the credit calculator of the selected house bank on their website. Under no circumstances should you conclude a loan or lease agreement for your car, moped, motorhome or other motor vehicle immediately without comparison with the seller, even if it is seductive or the seller wants to bring it under deadline.

Compare with an online loan comparison like ours, to read out the offers including all costs for the determination of the effective interest rate for vehicle financing via rent or credit. The Foundation refers to these particularly advantageous special conditions for online applications online on its website.

Cash, on loan or with lease financing? We have discussed in detail the problem of buying a car in cash, on loan or through the leasing business in our own article. With the credit financing of a car one can also subsequently take away from discount and perks for the purchase of a car. If you have enough cash on your account, you can also pay cash for your vehicle – but you may be short of cash for longer trips or repairs.

As a rule, leasing creates more installation costs and often unforeseen surprises when it comes to estimating the residual value and damage or wear goes beyond the “normal”. However, leasing is interesting for business start-ups or freelancers, as they can always deduct them as an expense. How long is a car loan possible?

Most banks offer flexible terms of 12 to 10 years. The effective interest rates tend to be greater with longer maturities than with a short-term car loan.

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